Unlimited Competence

"Our first priority is winning!" That's the motto of Karl-Heinz Tibor, manager of Goodyear Motorsport. A motto that inspired the sole distributor of Goodyear racing tires in Europe to develop an exemplary racing service. Thus the Goodyear Motorsport team is to be found an all Europe's race tracks, but also overseas for races in those categories with which Goodyear has contractual ties.

Karl-Heinz Tibor knows what he's talking about, after all, he competed successfully for almost fifteen years in touring car and sports car racing. He knows the various race tracks perfectly, understands the drivers' need.


Together with his engineers and technicians he analyzes the experience of drivers and racing teams, evaluates the masses of measurements that are token during practice sessions. On this basis he is at the service of the racing teams when selecting the optimal tire. Constantly in direct contact with Goodyear's racing tire designers in Akron, the Goodyear Motorsport team transmits the measurement data from the practice sessions and the results of extensive practical tests which the team conducts during the season.

This data is used in the further development of Goodyear racing tires and thus makes an important contribution to product development. This development runs in parallel to the constant automotive technological improvements in the vehicles, and has a decisive influence an the ultimate vehicle performance.